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Place a bid at the lowest amount you wish to pay
If someone else duplicates the bid it is scratched
Bid any amount you like, when you like.
Bids purchased can be used over multiple auctions

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"Incredible FUN". ...."TENSE action"...."STRATEGIC bidding"....

Lowest Unique Bid wins

ULB Auctions.

These are auctions where the Lowest Unique Bidder wins. All matching bids are scratched, so the lowest bid which is also the only bid at that level wins. The reason they are run like this is it gives a level playing field to all players, no matter how big your wallet is. Use your skill to place a winning bid.

The Questions

Coming soon for sports fans.....Predictive questions with multiple choice answers. Click on the answer that you predict will happen. Each question has different amounts of bids to win. The questions remain live through out the whole game, however they have a cut off point, where all bids to be won are set to zero

The Rules

Before you settle in and start bidding, you need to know a few of the rules. All duplicate bids knock each other out. The lowest stand alone bid at the close, wins the auction. Bids are in 1 cent increments. Only you can see your unique bids.


Have a strategy planned before you start bidding. As you can only see your unique bids, you need to use them to peg your ground. Save some bids to knock out others. Sometimes the winning bid is placed 5 minutes in.

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The lowest stand alone bidder at the auction close wins. Please check your spam folder for our emails.

Skill needed

These are games of skill. You have to use skill to determine where to place the winning bid.

Terms of Service

Please refer to our terms of service.We keep all your information private and do not sell to third parties.


Credits cannot be redeemed for cash. Under certain conditions, they can be transferred to another player


Any questions, please use our contact form or live chat, bottom right hand side. Thanks. .

Over 18.

Please note that you agree that you are 18 years old plus, to enter our auctions, when you register.

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